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Pictures of Jesus Clipart

       Christian clipart and Bible graphics featuring pictures of Jesus, Jesus and children, Jesus' disciples, his birth, life, ministry, death, burial and resurrection, and more.

Pictures of Jesus Subcategories
   The Birth of Jesus (47)
   Jesus the Boy (17)
   The Baptism of Jesus (2)
   The Temptation of Jesus (3)
   Jesus With His Disciples (17)
   Jesus Teaching (22)
   The Ministry and Miracles of Jesus (33)
   Jesus the Healer (42)
   The Parables of Jesus (27)
   Jesus and Children (17)
   Jesus the Shepherd (5)
   Entry into Jerusalem (6)
   The Last Supper (4)
   The Betrayal and Trial of Jesus (19)
   The Crucifixion of Jesus (7)
   The Burial of Jesus (5)
   The Resurrection of Jesus (12)
   After the Resurrection (8)
   Transfiguration and Ascension of Jesus (6)

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